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Shihana Reiki

Providing Energy Work services, informative workshops, and Reiki Classes in the West Valley, Phoenix area and beyond.

Shihana Reiki - Offering you a variety of Reiki experiences!

When you're ready for the deep relaxation and healing process of Reiki to work with you,
schedule a 60-minute or a 90-minute session at the Shihana Reiki Studio.

  • 90 minute session - $75
  • 60 minute session- $60
  • NEW CLIENT SPECIAL- Three (3) 90-minute studio sessions for $175.
If you prefer a Shihana Reiki session in the privacy of your own home, that, too, is available.
  • 90 minute session - $100
  • 60 minute session- $75
If you are new to Reiki, and unsure what Reiki can do for you,
plan to attend one of the scheduled Shihana Reiki Clinics for only $10,

  • Second Saturday Reiki Clinic held at St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Litchfield Park.  9 am - 12 pm  will resume in January, 2017.  Schedule a half hour time slot with Master Teacher Sarah Soltow or a Reiki II practitioner. 

Explore Reiki in a casual, comfortable environment.... your own home!

  • Learn how you can receive a FREE 90-minute Shihana Reiki Session! Check out "How to Host a Reiki Share in your Home" (sidebar)

Shihana Reiki also offers Distance Reiki sessions for clients who are far away or who cannot otherwise personally participate in a Reiki session.. 
During a Distance Reiki session, the practitioner will speak with the client by phone to set the intention for the session. After the phone call, the client will relax in a private space and Shihana Reiki will hold the session as if the person were present.  Amazingly, the benefits of Distance Reiki are comparable to other sessions. Cost is $50 for a 60 minute session.
How to host a Reiki Share in your home!
Invite 5 or more friends to join you and cost-share for an evening of information about Reiki and other complementary/alternative energy modalities.
This 2 - 3 hour event provides a Reiki experience for all present, and YOU, the host of the event will receive a free 90 minute Shihana Reiki session- a $75 value- at the studio.
Cost for this event is $100.

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Welcome to the Shihana Reiki Studio

Enjoy the relaxing presence of angelic images, crystals, and nurturing energies
coming together to create a feeling of sanctuary and safety.
The Shihana Reiki Studio provides a calming presence to support and nurture your inner journey.

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